Adolygiadau o visualise

image“Through heart-pumping instrumental music, a series of brain-dazzling displays of light, air control and technology are performed with gusto. A set of candles next to a mirror is reflected a thousand times to become a visual spectacle on a big screen. A laser pointer shone through broken glass becomes a psychedelic surreality, and a leaf blower and some loo roll become a beautiful thing of colour and light.
Bits of performer rivalry are added in during breaks and set-up periods, with every part done seamlessly and with cunning genius. It’s the science lesson children will so enjoy, they’ll never know they’ve learned something.”
The Herald

Bergenlooroll“The audience gazes mesmerised at the result, as rainbow-coloured ribbon shoots out over their heads, winding and weaving in the air above them. They are further enchanted when shredded toilet paper is blown into the air in front of the light, causing rainbow-coloured snowdrops to fall from the sky. The urge to touch them, even for an adult, is acute and for the children, at whom this show is aimed, it is simply too much. They jump up and down, laughing and snatching at them as they fall.”

“Visualise was certainly extremely well received – not just by the kids but also by many of the grownups! I was totally engrossed.”
Lighting & Sound International

“It’s not often children’s theatre truly inspires but this defies anyone, no matter what their age, not to stare in wonder… This is inventive, well-imagined stuff that keeps a smile on your face from start to finish.”
The Scotsman

“Another interesting aspect to Visualise is that it is performed almost entirely without words…This absence of (speech) lends the show a retro feel, reminiscent of the era of silent movies and vaudeville.”
Dundee Courier

“Excellent stuff. My kids loved it and they’re a tough crowd. Go see it for yourself.”
Audience Member